Community Behavioral Health offers employment services to our clients who may need additional assistance in finding a job, to employers in the community in search of qualified and committed employees, and to our own employees interested in continuing education programs.

Through our 5-day workshop, clients will learn how to find, secure and maintain employment through resume building, mock interviews and workplace education.

Employment Assistance Services

In collaboration with Butler County Department of Jobs and Family Services, The Community Behavioral Health Employment Assistance Program can provide the resources to help clients who have difficulty obtaining and maintaining employment because of social, situational, or mental health barriers.

We can help:

  • Address barriers to employment, build upon strengths, and begin the search for a job that best suits the client’s abilities and needs
  • Provide Case Management services to TANF eligible unemployed or underemployed clients in obtaining and retaining employment
  • Work with ex-offenders that have been recently released or are about to be released from a correctional facility
  • Discover resources through Ohio Means Jobs – a local non-profit organization that provides job readiness training and connects clients with local businesses.
  • Assign an Employment Support Specialist to help clients learn job search techniques, develop resumes, complete applications, perform mock interviews, and access

Workshops The [WORK]shop is a 5 day program designed to help participants find, secure and maintain employment. Throughout the week a variety of instructors cover topics geared toward helping participants enhance their employment skills. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the week and are eligible for employment case management assistance.

Skills Gained During This Workshop Include:

  • Resume Building
  • Online Employment Searches
  • Establishing Email Account
  • Effective Applications
  • Overcoming Employment Barriers
  • How To Interview & Answer Difficult Questions
  • Dress For Success
  • Understand Hidden Rules of the Workplace

Click here to view the 2016 workshop schedule. 

Click here to view the 2017 workshop schedule.

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Together with Ohio Means Jobs of Butler County, our employer services can provide local businesses with job ready employees who are prescreened, and ready to work. We will prescreen individuals by assessing their employment strengths; ensuring that we provide you with employees qualified for your job.

We can help:

  • Save time and money by providing you with qualified candidates. No need for costly classified ads or interviews.
  • Your customers will benefit from less turnover and more professional employees.
  • Help families in our community by providing steady employment for individuals who are ready and eager to work.

For more information on Employment Assistance, please contact:

Greg Corban
(513) 785-6807

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