Medicated Assisted Treatment combines the use of therapy and prescription drugs that are designed to shut down the cravings that can derail recovery efforts. Getting clean and staying sober requires accountability, and a strong support network.  We want to use every resource available to help them get sober and stay sober.


Once a client seeks medical attention from us, the next step is for a client to cease drug use for at least seven days. Comfort medications are given by a doctor, as needed, to help support the client through withdrawal symptoms.


After seven to 10 days, clients will receive an oral dose of Naltrexone, for two to three days before receiving an injection of Vivitrol. These are medications approved by the Federal Drug Administration to treat alcohol dependence, and to prevent relapse to opioid dependence after an opioid detox. By blocking opiate receptors, clients no longer crave the drugs. Every 30 days for 12 months, clients will receive the injection. In addition, they will continue to meet with their peer group and counselor. If they need other assistance, such as help finding a job, a social worker can help arrange services and direct the client to programs available.


Walk in assessments are available Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., with no wait time for treatment at both of our locations.

For more information on Medicated Assisted Treatment, please contact:

Stephanie Brashear, MAT Supervisor
(513) 805-2335

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