“Three years ago, I was homeless.

My son hadn’t been to school for a few years because of our living situation. I was sick mentally and physically. I didn’t want help, but I needed it. My case manager helped me get a house and now I’m going to the doctor and seeing a therapist on a regular basis. I’m taking my medication, my son is back in school and doing well, and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.”

ACT, or Assertive Community Treatment, is an intensive, self-contained, multidisciplinary team approach to case management. This program provides daily monitoring of clients and teaches them to recognize stressors and situations that may trigger an event. The goal of the ACT program is to create a “hospital without walls”. We designate a team of nurses, doctors, client advocates, and case managers to the client to avoid the need for hospitalization. The ACT Team becomes a positive, supportive and caring role model providing guidance, counseling, treatment, and support toward a healthy lifestyle.

We can offer our clients the following services:
  • Behavioral health counseling / therapy service
  • Assessment service
  • Pharmacologic management service
  • Case management
  • Peer support service
  • Mental health crisis response service
  • Substance abuse support
  • Supported employment service


For more information on ACT, please contact:

Annie Kendig, LPC LCDCIII
Mental Health Therapist
ACT Supervisor

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