For the third time in as many months,

Dave was in the hospital for a mental illness. The hospital would give him enough medication for two weeks, but without a primary care doctor or psychiatrist to prescribe him more medication, his psychosis would return.  Through Connections, Dave was able to see a doctor and get a prescription after being discharged. Connections followed up with him to make sure the medications were still working, and helped connect him to a psychiatrist for more permanent care. Today, Dave sees his psychiatrist on a monthly basis, and his psychosis is under control.

The Connections program is designed for Butler County residents who have a diagnosed mental illness and have been prescribed psychotropic medication but are currently not connected with a mental health provider. We provide temporary medication and referral support for individuals as they transition to a more permanent mental health provider. 

  • Hospitals: Lack of follow up care is the greatest cause of readmission. Patients may be referred to Connections before discharge to ensure they receive the temporary assistance they need while they secure long time health solutions.
  • Justice System: We support individuals coming out of county or state detention centers who have been on medication while incarcerated.
  • Relocation: We support individuals who have been treated outside of Butler County and now need to be connected after a move.
  • Connections is a temporary program- three months or less.
  • A client will be seen by a psychiatrist or clinical nurse specialist.
  • We will assess financial situation and support client in finding financial assistance, if necessary.
  • If a client has had a substance abuse problem, and a referral source has noted this, an assessment by a substance abuse treatment facility must have been completed by the first visit.
  • Clients must have a diagnosed mental illness or a diagnostic assessment before participating in the Connections program.

For more information on Connections, please contact:

Andre Whaley, LSW
(513) 868-5103
(513) 805-2939

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