Mary had been in a state psychiatric

hospital for five years when she came to Great Miami Services. She had not succeeded in being out of psychiatric care for more than 24 hours. With the help of Great Miami Services, she is more successful than she has ever been. The nurses there had to retrain her on several daily living activities that many people take for granted. When she had a bad day at GMS, she would sit in a chair and watch the birds out the window, and it would comfort her. When she was rehabilitated and able to leave, the staff offered her the chair because it meant so much to her. She refused, and told them she wanted the chair to do as much good for someone else as it did for her.

Great Miami Services is a safe residential facility established to meet the special needs of Butler County and Southwestern Ohio residents with severe mental disorders. Here local residents can receive the treatment they need with closer proximity to their home and community support system. With professionally certified staff and a nurse on every shift, Great Miami Services is a transitional residence for clients as they stabilize for a successful return to their community.

  • Anyone with a mental illness either post or prior to hospitalization who may need medication adjustment.
  • Individuals who are not psychotic enough for hospital admission but unable to live safely at home.
  • Families who need a temporary respite location for an adult child with mental illness.
  • Doctors & Psychiatrists may send a patient to Great Miami Services to monitor during medication changes for safety.

Education of Psychotropic Medication
We help residents develop an understanding of side effects & medication management and we follow up with them after their stay to make sure they are successfully maintaining their medication.

Life Skills Classes
It is important for residents to develop effective pro social behavioral skills. We offer classes on managing mental illness, anger management, making better choices, and effective communication skills.

Men’s Group & Women’s Group
Residents meet weekly for comfortable peer support.

Care Conferences
Every other week the resident will meet with a comprehensive care team. This team may include psychiatrist, probate monitor, case manager, wraparound coordinator, family members as needed.

Set for Success
Prior to discharge we work with the client to proactively plan next steps for maintaining success and we discharge to the appropriate setting for the resident.

24-Hour LPN/RN
A nurse is always on duty to coordinate both medical and psychiatric care.

Health & Wellness
CBH clients are seen weekly by our on-site physician or clinical nurse specialist.

Hospital Location
Provides convenient access to hospital resources including lab work, nutrition counseling, diabetic education and more.

Comprehensive Connection
Upon program completion opportunities for success are extended through other CBH programs like Employment Case Management and outpatient Family Counseling.

  • A qualifying primary mental health diagnosis must be documented.
  • A review of the potential resident’s chart and an on-site interview with the resident and a caregiver will occur.
  • Medical history and physical completed 30 days or less from entry and signed by a physician.
  • A TB test or chest X-ray must be performed.
  • Potential residents must be willing to take prescribed medications with minimal intervention- a list of current medications must be provided.
  • Great Miami Services is a co-ed, adult only facility.
  • No alcohol or illegal drug use is permitted.
  • Great Miami Services is a non-smoking facility
  • Visiting Hours- Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For more information on Great Miami Services, please contact: 

Emeka Uzoma, BSN, MSN
GMS RN Supervisor

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