Community Behavioral Health offers individual and group counseling services to adults and families as an extension of our Mental Health Services. Each of our clients participates in a customized program to meet their unique needs. Our individual, family, or group counseling programs will help to supplement and enhance the client’s personalized program.

  • Group counseling offers clients an environment to participate in counseling with others who may be experiencing the same mental health issues
  • Individual counseling offers clients success through one-on-one, personal counseling services.
  • Family counseling offers coordinated programs for the entire family to encourage healing on multiple levels throughout the client’s course of treatment.
  • We also offer individual home based therapy for individuals who are unable to receive on-site services because of medical or mobility issues that make it difficult to leave their residence.
For more information on Counseling, please contact:

Susan Boyd
(513) 868-5114
Hamilton Location

Christy Morris
(513) 868-5120
Hamilton Location

Alison Gay
(513) 424-0921 Ext. 65
Middletown Location

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