Mental Health
Healing for My Children

Losing custody of her children was the hardest thing that Jane ever experienced, but it was also the motivation she needed to change her life. When Children’s Services took her two small kids away from her, she was dependent on alcohol, behind on her rent, her utilities were shut off, and she was out of her depression medication.

alcohol & drug
Living Clean and Sober

Tim was an alcoholic most of his life. When he found himself in court for not paying child support, he turned to Community Behavioral Health. For six months he worked with a case manager and went through the Alcohol and Drug Treatment program.

Youth first
Support Through A Difficult Time

When Jared’s parents divorced he stopped caring about his grades. He started drinking before Friday night football games with his friends and at parties, and it escalated from there. When his mom told him he had to go through the 7 Challenges program, he didn’t take it seriously. Once he started, though, he really began to change.

employment assistance
Getting Back on Your Feet

Karen moved to Butler County with her 3 children to escape an abusive relationship. After finding a home, Karen turned to Community Behavioral Health’s Employment Assistance Program.

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